Streetlevel Media

Mobile and Transit Advertising

Streetlevel Media specializes in mobile outdoor advertising.  Whether it’s truckside advertising or transit (bus) advertising, mobile billboards put your advertising on the streets, where your customers live, work, and shop.  Our marketing consultants can tailor an advertising plan that suits your marketing needs, enabling you to cut your advertising expenditures without cutting your results.  

Our list of satisfied clients keeps growing every year because they have discovered the effectiveness of putting billboards in motion, traveling the city streets, giving your business exposure to thousands of potential customers.  In today’s competitive environment, passive doesn’t cut it.  Galvanize your advertising by joining the aggressive, “go-for-it” advertisers that use Streetlevel Media to get the word out.


FirstHealth initially used Streetlevel Media to penetrate rural markets where few media options exist, such as in remote, scenic areas where billboards aren’t allowed. Because the mobile billboards significantly increased awareness of FirstHealth services, we have significantly increased using this medium to promote FirstHealth of the Carolinas even in suburban and metropolitan areas.

– Leslie Deane, FirstHealth

K&W Cafeterias has used Streetlevel Media in the Charlotte and Fayetteville markets. The thing I like best about mobile truck advertising is the frequency it provides us. Because the trucks run on the same route each day, it allows us to reach our prospects over and over, much like radio or TV, but more cost effective. Frequency is the advertising key and Streetlevel delivers!

– DeeDee Gentry, Marketing Director – K&W Cafeterias, Inc.